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Saddle fitting & sale

The saddle is the connection between horse and rider. Health-preserving and harmonious riding is only possible if both feel comfortable with it. So that I know as much as possible about horse and rider in advance, I would ask you to tell me this first saddle test form to be completed. After a phone call or an email  I'll be happy to come to your stable with different saddles. There I will measure your horse exactly and advise you on the possibilities. You can look at the saddles on site and try them out. You can then keep your preferred model for testing for a week. It's important to me that you can test the saddle in peace, both off-road and while working on the course. It is often only after a while that you can tell whether you feel comfortable in a saddle, whether the horse moves happily and whether you can get used to the new feeling of sitting .

In addition to the right saddle, the role of the right saddle pad should not be underestimated.  The choice of saddle pad depends not only on personal preferences, but also primarily on what type of saddle is used and what segment you are in are you. Health characteristics of your horse can also be decisive. But don't worry, you can usually find the right saddle pad quickly - if you know what you're looking for! I would be happy to advise you!


Hoof shoe advice & sale

Does your horse walk sensitively or does it simply need protection against too much abrasion? Are you looking for someone who has a lot of experience with different hoof shoe brands  & models? 

Many horses require temporary hoof protection for off-road work on our hard soils.  
The selection of hoof shoes on the market is huge and so finding the right shoe is sometimes very difficult. 
That's why I offer you advice with the aim of finding a suitable shoe that offers you quick and easy handling. 


Cancellations & short-term postponements
I have a great understanding for all eventualities that occur in the life of a pet owner. However, I ask for your understanding that I have to charge for appointments that are not cancelled or rescheduled in time.
If you cancel at least 7 days before the appointment and are not scheduled on a tour, you will of course not incur any costs.
For appointments that are not cancelled in time, a flat fee of CHF 100 will be charged.
CHF 50 of the invoiced amount can be credited towards a future appointment.

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